RVM 4000 comparator encoder

Encoders for static and dynamic rotary axis inspection

  • Acceptance testing and inspection of machine tools and rotary tables (as per ISO 230-2, ISO 230-3 and VDI/DGQ 3441)
  • Two variants: a high-accuracy version for rotary table calibration and a compact version for swivel-axis calibration
  • Easy handling inside the machine tool
  • Direct inspection of static and dynamic behavior
  • Non-contact, wear-free scanning
  • Measurement of any angular interval and dynamic motion
  • Optimal results with the EIB 741 signal converter and the ACCOM 4.0 software for PCs
  • Currently available for rent only

Exceptional measurement accuracy

The encoder's optical, non-contact measurement ensures accurate inspection results. Its high system accuracies of down to 0.5" remain virtually unaffected by environmental conditions.

Robust with wide mounting tolerances

The RVM 4000 comparator encoder is robust and easy to handle. Its wide scanning gap and wide mounting tolerances make the encoder easy to set up, allowing you to start measurement quickly.

Fast setup

The RVM 4000 is compact and easy to handle. After a brief setup process, it is ready for operation. No warm-up phase is needed. This modular measuring system also features zero wear and maintenance.

Complete solution with ACCOM 4.0

The new ACCOM 4.0 software for PCs perfects the machine calibration process. The preparation, measurement and evaluation processes are kept separate for optimal workflows.

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RVM 4000: fast and accurate rotary axis calibration