LIC 4100 series

Absolute linear encoder with high accuracy

  • For linear axes with high traversing speeds
  • Measuring lengths of up to 28 m 
  • Version available with very small measuring step (<1 nm)
  • High-vacuum versions available
  • Functional safety versions available
  • Various mounting options
  • Interfaces: EnDat, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Yaskawa

Functional safety

Certain encoders from this series are available with functional safety and a failsafe mechanical connection. They can be integrated into systems with up to SIL 2, where they minimize malfunctions and help ensure safe machine operation.

High versatility

This series can be used in a wide variety of applications. The versatile LIC encoders are robust and accurate, enabling high speeds and long measuring lengths. Certain versions can be used in safety-related applications or in high-vacuum applications.

High traversing speeds

Along with high accuracy, the LIC linear encoders feature high traversing speeds. Measuring steps of down to just 1&nbsp;nm and speeds of up to 600 m/min are possible. Thanks to their high immunity to contamination, the absolute position feedback of these encoders is also exceptionally reliable.

Long measuring lengths

The linear encoders of this series come in a variety of versions featuring measuring lengths of up to 28 m. These encoders deliver excellent dynamic performance, high reliability, and consistently high accuracy across their entire measuring length.

Immune to contamination

Thanks to a large scanning field, the encoders of this series are highly resistant to contamination. Localized impurities on the measuring standard have minimal effect on the signal quality and measurement reliability.

LIC 4100 series: Absolute linear encoder with high accuracy

Product variants

Exposed linear encoders consist of a measuring standard and a scanning head. Please select these two components from the lists. For further advisory support, please contact our Sales department by phone or e-mail, or use our contact form.

Measuring standard

Scanning head