LC 100 series

Absolute linear encoders with full-size scale housing

  • For highly dynamic linear axes up to 4240 mm long
  • Rugged and vibration-tolerant design
  • Highly reliable and accurate position measurement
  • Proven industry benchmark for encoders in machine tools
  • Available with functional safety
  • Interfaces: EnDat, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and DRIVE-CLiQ

High vibration tolerance

The full-size LC 100 linear encoders feature long measuring lengths, high ruggedness, and superb vibration tolerance, allowing them to thrive in harsh environments.

Functional safety

LC 100 linear encoders are available with functional safety and fault exclusion for the mechanical connection. When integrated into a system, this solution for applications with up to SIL 2 can minimize malfunctions and enable safe machine tool operation.

Consistent accuracy

The LC linear encoders deliver consistently high accuracy. A high-quality, very low-wear ceramic coupling prevents wear-induced inaccuracy throughout the service life of the encoder.

Reliable protection

An efficient seal design with double lips provides optimal protection from chips, dust, and coolant. Due to the diagonal orientation of the sealing lips and the scanning unit's sword, the encoder can be mounted either upright or on its side.

LC 116 / LC 416: linear encoders with optimized optics for reduced system costs

Product variants

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