LIF 400 V series

Incremental linear encoder for vacuum applications

  • For high-accuracy linear axes up to 1640 mm long
  • Very small measuring step (<2 nm)
  • Position detection via limit-switch homing track
  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, TTL
  • Vacuum-friendly PCBs, coatings and adhesives for reduced outgassing
  • Vented cavities for faster pumping
  • Temperature stability for high baking temperatures
  • Non-ferromagnetic materials, for high process reliability
  • Baked prior to packaging, for high cleanliness

Easy installation

Short signal periods normally require very tight tolerances at the gap between the scanning head and the measuring standard. But exposed linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN provide wide mounting tolerances for easy installation. Within these wide tolerances, the quality of the output signals is barely affected.

High-accuracy scanning

The LIF 400 V linear enocders use interferential scanning technology to read a phase grating. Extremely small measuring steps and high accuracy are the results. What's more, their scanning head does not heat up significantly during operation, thereby avoiding temperature-related errors.

Continuously high signal quality

The ASIC HSP 1.0 developed by HEIDENHAIN ensures high scanning signal quality. If the signal amplitude decreases, the ASIC increases the LED current, thereby maintaining the ideal signal shape despite contamination while keeping the noise component low.

Fast referencing

A built-in homing function enables position detection and therefore faster system referencing. This is a clear benefit on long axes. These encoders also feature an integrated limit function, enabling dependable end-position detection without additional measures. 

For high-vacuum applications

Vacuum technology plays a key role in many state-of-the-art research and production processes, including electronics manufacturing, thin-film technology, materials research, biotechnology, medical technology and high-tech lab equipment.

High versatility

Due to their many exceptional features, the LIF 400 V encoders can be used universally. Their high integration density gives them the added benefits of low weight and a compact form factor.

Product variants

Exposed linear encoders consist of a measuring standard and a scanning headPlease select these two components from the lists. For further advisory support, please contact our Sales department by phone or e-mail, or use our contact form.

Measuring standard

Scanning head