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Do you want to become more efficient? Then you need to be collecting, visualizing and analzying your machine data. Precise machine data collection (MDC) is the key to making your production processes visible and for gathering the data you need for overall operating data collection (ODC).

Gain dependable and contiuous insight into the your daily manufacturing workflows, regardless of your specific machines, and discover new to ways to optimize your processes.  

To find out how easy this is, read our e-book "Greater Process Efficiency, Higher Productivity".

Five steps to efficient CNC manufacturing


Monitor production processes


Uncover non-productive time


Modify your production planning


Track your machines around the clock


Improve the cost-efficiency of your machines

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Discover more about each step in our e-book "Greater Process Efficiency, Higher Productivity".

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Overview of software products

Leverage digital solutions for all phases of your production chain, including quoting, job planning, production preparation and optimization.
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StateMonitor software

Discover our machine data collection software for visualizing and analyzing tool data, machine statuses, NC program run times and more.
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HEIDENHAIN Automation Solution

Achieve universal tool and workpiece automation with our intuitive and customizable hardware and software package. 
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Connected Machining

Connect your manufacturing environment with Remote Desktop Manager, HEIDENHAIN DNC and the HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server.
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