Rotary encoder without integral bearing

In addition to the system accuracy, the mounting and adjustment of the scanning head normally have a significant effect on the accuracy that can be achieved with rotary encoders without integral bearings. Of particular importance are the mounting eccentricity and radial runout of the measured shaft.

The ECI/EQI 1300 inductive rotary encoders with EnDat01 are mechanically compatible with the ExN 1300 photoelectric encoders. The taper shaft (a bottomed hollow shaft is available as an alternative) is fastened with a central screw. The stator of the encoder is clamped by an axially tightened bolt in the location hole.

HEIDENHAIN is supplementing its existing program of inductive position encoders with its rotary encoder series ECI 4000/EBI 4000. The variants are modular devices without integral bearing and with a 90 mm hollow shaft. They enable you to replace the conventional toothed-belt drive for coupling a motor feedback system to torque motors.

The ERO modular rotary encoders consist of a graduated disk with hub and a scanning unit. They are particularly well suited for applications with limited installation spacet, or for applications where friction of any type must be avoided.



  • Mechanically compatible with ECN/EQN 1100
  • Blind hollow D 6 mm
  • Housing outside diameter: 35 mm
  • Mechanically compatible with ECN/EQN 1300
  • Taper shaft or blind hollow shaft
  • Housing outside diameter: 58 mm

Absolute Rotary Encoders with 90 mm Hollow shaft

  • Rugged inductive scanning principle
  • Hollow through shaft Ø 90 mm
  • EBI 4010: Multiturn function through battery-buffered revolution counter
  • Consists of scanning unit and scale drum
  • Compact size
  • For shaft diameters to 12 mm
  • Miniaturized modular rotary encoder for measured shafts up to 8 mm
  • Special built-in mounting aid
  • With cover cap
  • Inductive absolute rotary encoders
  • Flange for axis mounting
  • Hollow through shaft
  • Multiturn function via battery-buffered revolution counter
  • Housing outside diameter: 87 mm